Mother nature again does as she pleases so number of  actual flowers blooming will be limited when we open.  BUT that means if you want early bloom you can easily pick and for those who struggle with CHOICE it is much easier! We have expanded our choice of “Brookside Beauties” and added to choice of other perrenials. Potted perrenials include 15 named varieties of hosta, beebalm [tall red],  white bleeding heart, campannula, japanese iris, cone flower, astible [Princess feather] mixed phlox,  pulmonaria, chives and mixed colors of shorter beebalm we started this year. For the non gardener ther are picture taking opportunities and places to walk along with peacocks to view.  Sampson and Deliah [bug patrol ducks] will entertain you. My photography gallery has more to view and there are  some house plants including african violets and rex begonias. A pleasant day in the country.

      Reminder to not rely on GPS as our actual road is  ST RT 1003 NOT Ararat RD. Google maps for Lambertson’s Daylilies has it right. Please follow on Facebook page for Lambertson’s Daylilies for frequent updates and photos.



Mother Nature is calling the shots as usual so blooms are dragging their feet but it should make the season longer. The long extended cold winter caused more loss of purchased plants but has really shown the advantage of northern grown [Dick’s hybridized] plants!!

We now offer option of using credit cards. Please follow us on the Lambertson’s Brookside Daylilies Facebook page for regular postings of progress and pictures of the gardens. Feel free to call for more info but remember there is limited cell service here so you need to leave messages for us to call you back .   

Perrenials this year include potted hostas, tall mixed phlox, pulmonaria, campanula, a tall astilbe [Princese Feather]. mixed delphenium, and  red beebalm [Monarda]


Our winter was long and cold but cleanup is in progress and seeds for our hybridizing  program are growing. There will be a bigger variety of perrenials this year. Follow us on the Facebook page commited to the gardens, african violets and June’s photo gallery for Brookside Pics barn canvas prints.


          Mother nature has given added time of buds and blooms. Late varieties are just starting and we are seeing  more than usual of repeat scapes  [meaning a very extended bloom for these plants] Follow closely on Lambertsons Brookside Daylilies for specials that will start Aug 7th and  will change weekly til we close. Don’t miss seeing what might be just right for you! Thanks to all our customers who are making this a great season. We love sharing what we do! Remember the african violets and the photo gallery in the barn [you can even shop here when it is raining!!

SEASON 2013 HERE!!!!


Hey Guys !! The season has started-plants exploding with BUDS and flowers to follow. About a dozen plants blooming today making this the perfect time to add plants to extend season of bloom in your gardens. EASY to see those blooming, those ready to POP, and plants without scapes even showing [ late bloomers] The added african violets and photography gallery have been a hit with customers so far. Time for a feast for your eyes.    Dick and June

PS. Remember to follow frequent post of progress on Facebook using Lambertson’s Brookside Daylilies!!


We have been busy getting gardens ready for this new exciting season. Mother nature always does HER thing at her own timing and cool nights are keeping things slow so just starting to see scapes. Expect there may be some blooms July 1st but please stay in touch esp on our FB page devoted to the gardens. “Lambertsons Brookside Daylilies” for freq updates and pictures of progress. The biggest update is addition of Dick’s room of African Violets for sale and June’s gallery displaying photography focused on canvas prints of nature and local interest.


Just a reminder that “Lambertson’s Brrookside Daylilies”  as our Facebook page has frequently updated photos of gardens and bloom and is an easy way to leave us notes or comments. Also check Endless Mountains  Visitors Guide site at for an upcoming event at the garden on July 23rd @ 2PM.  Registration appreciated.

A Good Start to the Season

Orange Beauty

One of Today's Blooms

Today was a bit of a down day, with fewer blooms than yesterday, but we still had plenty of lilies blooming, and lots of other perennials keeping things colorful.

We had a few customers over the course of the day, and sold some day lilies, a few scoops of other perennials, and some cards as well.

Come visit the gardens soon, as the blooms will only be getting better!