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         Mother nature again does as she pleases so number of  actual flowers blooming will be limited when we open.  BUT that means if you want early bloom you can easily pick and for those who struggle with CHOICE it is much easier! We have expanded our choice of “Brookside Beauties” and added to choice of other perrenials. Potted perrenials include 15 named varieties of hosta, beebalm [tall red],  white bleeding heart, campannula, japanese iris, cone flower, astible [Princess feather] mixed phlox,  pulmonaria, chives and mixed colors of shorter beebalm we started this year. For the non gardener ther are picture taking opportunities and places to walk along with peacocks to view.  Sampson and Deliah [bug patrol ducks] will entertain you. My photography gallery has more to view and there are  some house plants including african violets and rex begonias. A pleasant day in the country.

      Reminder to not rely on GPS as our actual road is  ST RT 1003 NOT Ararat RD. Google maps for Lambertson’s Daylilies has it right. Please follow on Facebook page for Lambertson’s Daylilies for frequent updates and photos.


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